About Us (A little bit of our story)

Lomas Post, originally started as an audio post and music recording studio named La Curva in 1995. After a few years It became a true “One stop shop” for the advertising industry. We started the company with 2 recording studios for music production and audio post, where we produced hundreds of jingles, radio and tv commercials. In the year 2000 we built 2 5.1 THX Certified Mixing rooms mainly used for advertising, movie trailers and short films, authorized by Dolby Laboratories to make Dolby Digital Print Masters. La Curva was the first THX PM3 certified studio, Dolby authorized based on Pro Tools in Latin America. 

First home studio 1992

La Curva 1995

La Curva 2000

From La Curva to Lomas Post

In the year 2002 we started to explore some of the existing video editing systems on the market. In 2003 our clients were able to do video editing and audio post under the same roof. The idea of building a new post production facility from scratch was born. In  2006 Lomas Post began operations in our new 4,000 sq ft facility, located in Lomas de Chapultepec,  the heart of the advertising industry in Mexico City.
We used to have 2 online suites (Flame & Smoke), an editing/VFX studio, 3 audio recording studios and a master room full of analog and digital VCRs.
In 2007 we brought our first Telecine, a Cintel C-Reality with Da Vinci 2K, becoming a full post production facility, offering color grading, editing, online/VFX, 3D animation and 2.0/5.1 audio mixing to the top advertising agencies and production houses in the region.

Lomas Post 2006

President Felipe Calderon 2011

Good times

10th. year anniversary party 2015